5 Reasons Why You Should Join The Webinar

The APC “Excited About The Future” webinar is only one day away and we look forward to sharing lots of valuable insights with you. Our group of international speakers has a lot of information to share. Here are five reasons why you should join us at the webinar tomorrow, November 10th at 2PM.


1. An opportunity for learning

Learn about the importance of sustainable investing from financial expert Darys Estrella who encourages corporations to promote social change through ethical investment practices. She believes corporations have the greatest opportunity to influence the future by changing the way they do business. Never has this topic been more important than today as we face major environmental and social changes that require smart and sustainable investments for the future.


2. A truly inspiring entrepreneurial story

Get inspired by the entrepreneurial story of Georgina Nelson who launched a successful startup called TruRating from her home office and is now servicing big clients all over the world with her consumer ratings product. This innovative idea gives customers the power to give immediate feedback on their experience in a store with the click of a button.


3. How we can learn from sports

Joop Alberda’s talk titled “innovations in sport; thinking and acting beyond the limits” gives you a look into his career as a gold-medal winning volleyball coach and international sports consultant. He talks about high performance training centers and why they are so important for a country to excel in major league sports. Learn what it takes to run a successful enterprise in such a competitive field.


4. Lessons from working in the maritime industry

The maritime shipping industry is experiencing a sea of change. Container ships are only getting bigger and bigger to meet consumer demand. Hear from industry expert Michael Kristiansen as he talks about how the industry is growing and evolving. One example: digital transformation is playing a big role in shaping the shipping business and tens of thousands of jobs will be lost due to the power of computers.


5. You can participate, too!

Lastly, join our 30-minute Q&A session after the speeches to interact with our group of expert panelists. You can ask your questions via the APC Event app, so don’t forget to download it via the App Store or Google Play Store in order to participate.

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